Download Manager for Accelerated File Delivery (AFD)

Banijay Video Cloud offers a download manager for accelerated file delivery called "AFD" (by Imagen).

This download manager will allow you to get media files from BvCloud quickly: up to 5 times faster than a "browser download".

AFD runs on Windows and macOS and can also be installed on servers. You can install AFD on multiple computers and link them to your personal BvCloud account.

   If you were already using (an older version of) AFD, please uninstall this software first before installing the version below.

(right click "Save Link As")
(Ctrl - click)

When downloading files from BvCloud, you can have the file (or clip) delivered to any of your AFD clients.

For example: you can install AFD on your work laptop and on your home computer. When you download a file from ESVCloud, you can choose where to deliver the file - home or work. This could also include a computer in your edit suite.

AFD can be configured to download to a specific folder. This can be a local drive or a network drive. AFD could also deliver to your Box folder. When you have the Box app installed on your mobile device, this will allow you to send downloads from ESvCloud to your iPhone / iPad via AFD and Box (with the potential to allow offline viewing later).

In the video explainer below, you can see how to install AFD and configure it to work with BvCloud and Box.

Click to view the video fullscreen.